APN has the following award categories:

The Africa Love Award
This award is given to accomplished non indigenes of Africa who have been used mightily by GOD to foster the spiritual development of Africa.
The Joseph Award
This award is given to accomplished African Americans whose lives and professional achievements has helped in developing Africa.

The Over Achievers Award
This award is given to Africa natives with exemplary achievements on a global scale.
The Kingdom Empowerment Award
This award is given to philanthropists who have contributed in furthering the Kingdom of GOD.

 Award Recipients Must Be Born Again Christians
The Nominees for the 2011 APN Awards are:
APN Leadership Lectures are given by Leadership Scholars from Top World Class Universities, and Leaders with Global Influence.

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APN, the first in Africa
to recognize 
Dr. John Edmund Haggai,
the African Love Award.
APN Awards are only given to individuals with global influence.
The award is based only on the recommendation of your peers.
The award can not be bought or solicited for. Thank you.
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Dr. John Edmund Haggai CEO and Founder, The Haggai Institute. An APN Africa Love Award Recipient
The APN African Love Award Recipients
His Excellency
Kalonzo Musyoka
Vice President
of Kenya
The APN Over Achievers Award Recipients
Pastor Ayo Oristejafor. President of Christian Association of Nigeria and President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria. An APN Over Achievers Award Recipient
The APN Over Achievers Award Recipients
The APN Joseph Award Recipients
Bishop Samuel Green Jr.
APN Joseph Award Recipient:
Mrs. Naomi King of the A.D. King Foundation.
An APN Joseph Award Recipient: